How Does Google Remarketing Work?

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Buzzwords regularly pop up (excuse the pun) in marketing, and it’s often difficult to determine which ones deserve your attention. Remarketing is more than just a buzzword. It has revolutionised digital marketing.

So, it’s certainly something you should consider integrating into your marketing strategy.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting or behavioural remarketing, is a method of internet advertising whereby adverts are marketed or targeted to users based on previous online behaviour. For more information check Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad,

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing tags or marks online users by embedding a tracking code on the target web page to which you want users to return. The tracking code unobtrusively, and mostly invisibly, checks that a user has accessed the particular web page.

Once this is confirmed, a cookie is set in the user’s browser and an advertiser can now advertise to users elsewhere on the internet on various networks, such as Facebook and Google.

What types of remarketing exist?


Advertising to people who have previously visited your website.


Advertising to people who have visited a web page via clicking on a link that has been shared on an online channel.


Advertising to people who have read an email that you have sent them.

Custom event

Setting up an event, which tracks an action on a website, e.g. playing a video, adding a product to a cart and downloading a document.To know more details check SEO Services in London.

Why use remarketing?

Because people have already visited your web page or read your email, remarketing is an effective way to remind them of your brand, keep it top of mind and encourage them to engage with your brand again.

It is also a great way to encourage users who have “fallen off” a specific user journey to rejoin the user journey at the appropriate point.

For instance, an abandoned shopping cart or a registration process. If you are looking for ways to convert users into customers, remarketing is a great tool!

What is remarketing best practice?

If discretion is not exercised in a remarketing campaign, adverts can become annoying to those who are on the receiving end. With this in mind, it is important to stick to remarketing best practice:

Once users are converted, stop advertising to them

This obviously depends on the remarketing strategy and the goal you are trying to achieve (e.g. brand awareness vs performing a specific function).

Either way, don’t overdo it. Overdoing it isn’t a very effective use of your marketing budget and it can just as quickly convert people back to non-consumers if you annoy them too much.

Determine advertising frequency limits

Don’t bombard people with your advertising. We all know how irritating it is to frequently watch the same TV ad or listen to a repetitive radio ad, and this is no different.

You can set limits as to how many times people see your advertising per day, per week, etc. so it would be wise to make use of these boundaries.

Accurately target your remarketing campaigns

It is not always effective to target everyone who has ever visited your website. Build a custom audience and target within that group.

Try narrowing it down to specifics, like particular web pages visited or website actions. Remarketing can also be used in conjunction with more traditional digital targeting methods, such a user demographics, interests or geographic locations.For more details on SEO Services check Oksociety

So, create specific audiences and target specific ads to them. Ring-fence your remarketing efforts according to parameters that narrow your audience down to age, gender, interests, etc.

Protect people’s privacy

Bear in mind that networks don’t reveal an individual’s identity and they have minimum audience sizes, so you cannot infer who someone is.

This is to help protect people’s privacy and to prevent marketers from honing in on an individual.

Protecting people’s privacy should be as much the marketer’s goal as it is the networks’, so don’t try cut corners.

If you are trying to improve your return on investment by increasing your conversion rates then remarketing is your new best friend.

When it is done correctly, it can be an incredibly effective brand-building, user-converting tool. Are you keen to get a campaign going?

Online Store Changes To Make Before Black Friday

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We’ve got your servers prepared for Black Friday, and now we’re going to highlight some online store changes you need to make before Black Friday.

We’re not only making sure your website doesn’t crash during the mad rush, but we’re also going to ensure your business doesn’t crash either.

Online store changes to make before Black Friday

1. Prep your website

To help your servers out, you really want to make sure your website is optimised to handle the amount of visitors that will hopefully flood your website on the day.For Digital Marketing Company in London visit Vivid SEO.

Here’s a very short checklist of things that will help you (and your visitors) straight away:

A. Optimise your images –

Nothing frustrates a user more than having to load a 4MB image because you think it makes your website look pretty. Nothing clogs up server connections like 1000 users trying to load 2-3 4MB images on each page.

There are a couple of free online tools that allow you to make images smaller, and even plugins for popular CMSs like WordPress that do it for you.

B. Cache your website –

Dynamic pages require server processing, which is the main cause of server outages when they’re under load.

Caching as many pages as possible frees up the server to only have to worry about the pages that need to process data like cart, account and checkout pages. Of course, you are still able to cache these pages using Javascript and various REST APIs.

C. Start small, scale up –

It might be tempting to throw in an array of features on product pages like upsell products, cross-sell products, related products, other people purchased these products, etc.

However, I’d err on the side of making sure you sell the product before trying to upsell every other product. Unless, of course, you know your servers can handle being able to dynamically present that (when it’s uncached).

2. Open your support channels

People might rush around like crazy for the best deal, but it doesn’t lower their expectation of great service and a great product.For SEO Company Check Vivid Digital.

Making sure you open up the correct support channels will keep your users happy and the perception of your business positive. Here are a couple of support channels for you to consider:

A. Phone lines –

This is the first active channel that I’d suggest. If you have the staffing, having a number people can call is by far the most reassuring. Speaking to a real human with a human concern is really comforting.

Be warned, you want to have dedicated people to this. You don’t want people to not be able to get hold of you and you don’t want your core staff being distracted by calls.

B. Live chat –

This is the other active channel and it could be a good one. It has the benefit of knowing what the customer is looking at and a lot of people prefer the fact that they can send a message and carry on with what they are doing.

That doesn’t mean they don’t expect a prompt response and the availability of live chat if it’s shown to them.

C. Email/ticketed support –

This allows for the ability to scale as automated responses can set expectations. You can respond when appropriate and when you have enough information – just make sure you respond.

D. Social media –

If you’re going to use social media as a support channel, make sure you’re on the ball. Respond openly to complaints as much as you would with compliments.To know more information on SEO Services check Oksociety

Like email support, this allows you to respond when you’re ready to, but, once again, don’t leave it too late.

3. Get your business ready

A. Is/are your payment gateway(s) ready?

Make sure you have set up a payment gateway long before Black Friday and tested it out. If it breaks on the day this will kill sales for your business.

B. Are you ready to ship?

Getting orders on Black Friday is great, but if you’re only going to deliver a month later you might find a lot of people requesting refunds. Set expectations of when delivery will be made and stick to it.

C. Are you legally ready?

Make sure your website clearly defines delivery policies, return policies and terms and conditions. This protects you from things like fraud.

Getting a lawyer to write these documents might be expensive, but it’s worth it (especially when one case alone could cost you more than the document itself).

These are just a couple of quick online store changes you need to make before Black Friday arrives. They’re a good foundation to make sure you impress and keep customers.

Do you own an online store? What online store changes are you going to make ahead of Black Friday? What are you doing in preparation for the big day? Have you already started?

The Importance Of Web Push Notifications In SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important methods in making sure your audience sees your messages by helping to increase your rank. An increased rank means more people are likely to see your website come up in relevant search results.

But even after a visitor does find your site due to your ranking, it’s no guarantee they will return again to look at new content. It doesn’t even have to be because they don’t like you. They could just forget. With so much information out there, it’s easy to forget just where that one site was. And who has time to sort through bookmarks anymore?

What if there was a tool that could help with both helping people find your site while also telling returning visitors that there is new content for them to explore? There is! It’s called web push notifications.For more information check SEO Agency in Hyderabad.

Here’s the good news: push notifications can positively impact SEO.

What are push notifications?

Web push notifications (WPNs) are marketing messages that automatically pop out on a user’s browser, and can be accessed on either a desktop or mobile device.

Of course, push notifications don’t come out from anywhere. The website has to be permitted by the user the first time he visits it.

How does the push notifications relate to SEO?

Currently, Google ranks websites based on contents and responsiveness. But the influx of mobile applications has made the process more complex.

Since more and more people are using their smartphones to shop or find local businesses, a lot of companies have focused all their efforts on mobile marketing and totally forgot about improving their websites.

The introduction of push notifications by Google Chrome signified the importance of websites amidst the popularity of mobile applications.

With web push notifications, brands can send messages, updates, and contents that their customers will be interested to know – such as special offers, promos, product launches, news, articles, etc.

WPNs work whether the user is accessing the internet on their desktop computer or mobile device.Integrating web push notifications in your marketing can do great wonders in your SEO.In what ways?

WPNs help convert visitors into subscribers.

Maybe a user came across your website by accident and enjoyed your contents. With a push notification service, you can turn that one-time visitor into an avid subscriber.

Whether they forgot about your website or got too busy that they don’t get to check out your website again, web push notifications let you promote contents even if users are not on your website.To know more info check SEO Services in London.

WPNs are similar to marketing emails in the sense that they allow brands to obtain subscribers. However, with WPNs, there’s no need to get their email addresses and other contact information.

WPNs can increase your website traffic.

When implemented properly, push notifications can greatly drive more traffic into your website. Bloggers report a 10%-15% increase in traffic with WPNs. Since these notifications are delivered straight to the user’s device, the clickthrough rate is far higher than email (2X to 10X). WPNs are considered the largest contributor to online traffic.

Of course, certain strategies have to be done to maximize the impact of push notifications on your website ranking.

These include:

Making the message short, direct, and interesting.

Segmenting your subscribers based on their locations and the time they are active.

Sending personalized notifications.

Not sending too many notifications to avoid looking like spam.

Sending notifications about varying contents to keep users engaged.

Creating urgency in the notification to highlight a call to action.

Push notifications can boost engagement among customers.

If you want to convert visitors into customers, there’s one thing you need to focus on: user engagement.

When it comes to engaging users and previous customers, there are two online strategies commonly used by marketers: gather email subscribers and retarget users on various search and social platforms.

Web push notifications are a new approach to driving customer engagement. Having a higher efficiency than email and far cheaper than retargeting, it makes sense to incorporate notification service in your overall marketing strategy.To know more details on SEO Services visit Industrynewswire

There are many ways to use WPNs in engaging customers. Among which are the use of breaking news alerts or notifications when you publish a new article. You can also use it to offer free contents to your subscribers, such as eBooks, guides, and relevant information that they will find useful.

How to Implement Push Notification in Your SEO Strategy

Push messaging certainly has a lot of benefits to your SEO strategy. But how do you optimize this tool to boost your ranking?

Convey a clear message.

Your subscribers have busy schedules. They don’t have time for vague messages. Push notifications should be concise and clear enough for them to understand your message and take action.

Different browsers have different character limits, usually ranging from 40-120. You want your message to be brief, clear, yet catchy.

Use social proof.

Give your subscribers a concrete reason to check out your message. For example, if your post has thousands of shares already, tell your subscribers about it so they will be encouraged to check out the post.

Just be true to your claim and make sure that you only give them honest information.

Time your notifications.

Aside from aligning your messages to your subscribers’ time zones, you should also learn about the best times to send particular types of messages and how frequent to send them to drive engagement.

Most companies that use WPN schedule their messages in days and times that their target audience is likely to see them, using an all-in-one marketing platform.

Web push notifications have become a major component of SEO. When done right, they can help increase your website ranking and customer acquisition.

7 Useful Tools For The Content Marketers

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Content marketing refers to the design of a series of content (it could be movies, games, articles, etc.), attracting potential consumers to watch , reading or interacting, to achieve awareness, or to educate consumers, and finally influence their purchase decision. Getemail has listed 7 tools that are useful for the content marketers, each tool is accord with your different needs.


None of us are perfect in terms of writing but that is exactly what readers expect us to be. The good news is you can envision a more perfect version of your written content with Grammarly which comes in both free and paid versions with different set of possibilities..

Grammarly can serve as a potent proofreading tool in the arsenal of all wannabe writers by detecting spelling and punctuation mistakes apart from suggesting better word placements. Its paid version can also run a plagiarism check on your content apart from providing you with a readability score and insights on sentence length.For ore info check SEO Company in London


Stay a step ahead of your peers by gaining thorough knowledge about industry trends with this stellar content marketing tool. All you need to do is simply enter a particular domain name to analyse the type of content which garners maximum engagement amongst users. You can easily make out the trendiest topics pertaining to a particular industry for gauging out the ones you need to write your blog on.

It also becomes very easy to find out the best influencers so that you can ask them to market your content. You can run analysis reports to find out the type of content which is mostly shared across different social media platforms. BuzzSumo also sends alerts to its users whenever a competitor website posts new content so that you can buckle up in the game. You can even compare your own performance with that of a competitor to find out where you stand in terms of both quality as well as engagement.

Google Alerts

This free of cost notification service powered by Google can help content marketers in keeping a track of topics which holds special significance to their area of operation. Emails are sent to its subscribers for summarizing search activities surrounding particular search terms.

Retailers can benefit out of greater information about their concerned product and business by just setting up an alert for a particular keyword. It also helps by keeping a track over different influencers as well as competitors so that you can be well abreast of the upcoming trends in your particular field.For Best web design company in New York check RavisNY.


There is no point in coming up with killer content if you cannot devise a strategy for promoting and distributing the same. This is exactly where Outbrain can come to your rescue with a proper plan to connect with the audience and promote your products to garner maximum engagement. Marketers can benefit out of personalized recommendations from Outbrain which analyses different factors such as behaviour, demographics, location and interests of the audience to provide full proof results.

It serves as the ideal platform for linking both marketers and publishers while carefully monitoring content quality and reducing the usage of different deceptive tactics. Content marketers can utilise the Outbrain platform to promote a plethora of contents ranging from infographics to blog posts, videos, presentations and a lot more.


Stay super organised while brainstorming for future content using Evernote which can help you store all your ideas for being readily accessed by your entire team. You can also share it with influencers maybe while collaborating on a particular project. Evernote serves as a great place to add in information and is available across all devices.

Be it your smartphone or your work computer, it becomes very easy to access all the information added to the Evernote portal in the form of web pages, images or PDF files. It also becomes possible to access Evernote in offline mode to search for images or text captured previously, sync notes across devices and add annotations to images.


If you are on the lookout for a tool which can help you out in the creation of visual content, then Piktochart can serve you pretty well. Be it reports, infographics or presentations, Pikochart can hike up your designing aptitude significantly so that you come up with excellent end results which are worth sharing. The first thing which is bound to stun you about this tool is its user-friendly and intuitive interface which can help you take your pick amongst the 100 different icons, themes, color schemes and graphics for infusing life into your boring old data set.To know more details on SEO Services check Spectralreview

All you need to do is simply drag and drop the text and visual elements to your canvas. Its free version has an upper limit on the usage of colors, fonts and icons which can be overcome by upgrading to the paid version. In the later one, you can either go ahead and create your very own infographic or take your pick amongst its pre-set templates.


This multi-faceted business dashboard can come to your rescue while dealing with the nitty gritties of email marketing, team management, event scheduling, financing, web analytics and a lot more. You can think of Cyfe as a middleman which establishes seamless connectivity with other tools such as Twitter, Google Analytics, Facebook etc. to strengthen your content marketing arsenal.

Be it creation, editing or organizing content as well as monitoring its performance on social media, you can do it all using Cyfe. The multi-user tool can be of great help in both adding new members to your team and tracking the development of ongoing projects you are associated with under one roof.

Summing Up

If you have a faulty content strategy, then these content marketing tools can lessen the damage impact by adding inertia to your work speed. So, go ahead and implement them today. Also, don’t forget to let us know about your experience in the comments sections below.

Effective Video Marketing Strategy For Your Brand

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With video marketing being an important part of any business, creating a successful strategy is more important than ever. There are many things you can do to make your video marketing more effective for your business and many of them don’t take much time or effort, just some additional thought and planning.For more information check  SEO Agency in London.

Publishing videos on a regular basis is a good way to hold the interest of your users. If your customers take interest in you, but you don’t show them anything new, they will get bored quickly. This doesn’t mean that you should overdo it, just post more videos on a regular basis and keep your customers’ interest.


Marketing videos should be honest. Don’t throw a sales pitch at your customers every time you publish a video; keep them spaced out. You and I know that you are I business to make money, your customers know that as well; ditch the hard sell and speak to them on a social level.

Make sure your customers know that they come first. In the video above, you can see the simplicity of the message; it is clear, honest and doesn’t force anything on the viewer, yet it still makes them curious about the services offered and what they can mean to their business. For Top web development company in New York visit RavisNY.

Keep your content interesting and appealing to your target audience. You can lose customers very quickly by posting video content that is irrelevant or doesn’t coincide with the rest of your content. Your customers don’t want to watch a boring commercial. Take the video above for example.

That short clip was powerful and dynamic, it made you want to hire the company mentioned. The fact that the video was just a short clip has no bearing on the emotions that it instills in the viewer. You can drone on and on about your products or services, or you can create a video that will stand out and make potential customers take interest in what you have to say.

YouTube is an excellent medium for today’s businesses. Not only can you post the video on YouTube, but you can also embed it into your site and include links around the video related to your content.

Don’t worry, the number of views you get on both your site and YouTube will be counted by Google giving you more internet presence and making your site grow in popularity in the search rankings. To know more details on SEO Services check Spectralreview

As the video above shows us, video marketing can be an effective tool for your business. Remember these key points and your video will stand out among your customers and in the search rankings.

6 Best Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses 2018


Social media platforms are very helpful to businesses, especially those that are just starting out and need to break out into a very competitive niche. Nevertheless, getting more leads and increased traffic via social media sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Twittter, and Facebook takes a lot of work.

In order to benefit from social media, company owners must also realize that they need specialist to manage all their network activities. They also need to know at the outset that there are publishing tools and marketing software specifically designed to make social media management more efficient.


With the establishment of a social media team that will handle all the marketing and promotional activities, it is now important to pick out the tools of the trade. There are many tools available and they are designed so that social media managers can use them in order to make everything work seamlessly, smoothly, and in a coordinated manner. For more details on SEO Services check Rbts

There are many tools that a social media manager can possibly use in order to accomplish business goals, which may include improved workflow, improved multiple networks engagement, keyword monitoring, and marketing program analysis. For a manager who is in charge of small businesses, it is also important to find monitoring software to help the business achieve its target profits. Here are some of the most popular tools available.


Social Flow is currently being utilized by globally known names such as The Economist, Mashable, and National Geographic. There are more. This social media management tool is designed to monitor real-time social media based conversations so that business managers can publish content at the peak time.

In this way, members of the target audience will receive the message immediately because they are online when the post is sent out. The suite of services available from Social Flow aims to increase business revenues by increasing audience engagement. Another advantage to using Social Flow is that is has tools to analyze social signs so that the social media manager can propose more relevant marketing solutions.


HootSuite is a business solution that allows users to plan and implement campaigns across networks. With only one web-based dashboard, managers can track conversations, measure campaign results, manage an unlimited number of social profiles and use results of enhanced analytics.

Users can choose from three different choices, which are enterprise, pro, and free. Hootsuite is a solution that also gives users the opportunity to schedule updates. The auto-schedule feature is particularly helpful since it gives valuable information with regard to what is the best time to post.


Social Oomph is a social media management tool that offers users functions for different social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, and LinkedIn. One of the highlights of this tool is the range of Twitter features available.

Social Oomph benefits small businesses by giving managers the tools to track keywords, schedule tweets, view retweets and mentions, and inbox cleanup as well. This tool also offers auto-follow and for new followers auto-DM functions. When used every day, Social Oomph proves itself capable of improving the social media productivity of any small business.


Buffer is quite effective at sharing information using social media platforms. Small businesses can make use of Buffer’s features to maintain and sustain a social media presence.

There are also tools that allow for extensions via Safari, Chrome, and Firefox that facilitate sharing stuff from the Web. If a business owner is too busy to conduct regular updating of all the active social media accounts, then Buffer will handle the job and do it efficiently.


Each of the tools presented above, as well as all the others available in the market today, have specific strengths—functions that are more robust than others are. The most important guideline in choosing a tool for the use of your business is to know your business goals.

In this way, you will have a tool with main features that are aligned with your aims. This is the best way to ensure that social media management activities are not only cost-effective but will also provide the much-needed boost in profits.

Building brand presence online has become rather complicated because hundreds of companies within the niche are doing the same. Everyone wants to dominate social media, and with the right strategy, the right tools, and the right social media management team this can be achieved.

How To Double Your Instagram Followers


There are any ways to increase your Instagram followers; from buying new followers online and possibly watching them drop off just days later, posting regularly and having the patience to wait weeks, even months, for your follower count to rise.

We’re not going to talk about either of those today as we want to show you how to build your Instagram followers quickly with some basic steps. And when we say quickly, we mean today; as in by the time you have dinner tonight, you will have more real Instagram followers. For more details Visit SEO Services London.

Some businesses can even double the amount of followers they already have in just a short amount of time.

The following steps are what the team at Vivid SEO recommends to more than double your Instagram followers quickly.


Creating a contest on Instagram is easy and it builds excitement for your brand. First, created a visual that includes all of the details for your contest.

Be as specific and straightforward as possible; you don’t want confused customers as that could give you the opposite effect.

It’s your contest, you can offer anything you like as a prize from services to products; just keep it relevant and make sure it’s something people want. To know more information on SEO Services check Industrynewswire


Now, you want to get people interested in your contest and create your call to action. Show people how to enter the contest; they must follow you on Instagram and tag a friend in the comment section of the contest image.

Just asking people to do this simple gesture will have instant results and will help introduce your contest, and your Instagram page, to thousands of Instagram users.

Asking your current followers to tag a friend will incite more people to follow your page as they have received the suggestion, through the tag, from a trusted source, their friend and your current Instagram follower.

This is where it gets good. The person tagged by their friend wants to enter your contest which means they become followers and they need to tag a friend to join. This creates a cycle that goes on and on throughout Instagram and can net you many new followers in a short amount of time.


Whether you have 20,000 Instagram followers or just 20, it makes sense to take advantage of other social media resources. Many businesses will have success using only Facebook and their email list, while others will use a variety of social media outlets to drive new followers.

Whichever route you choose, by the end of the day, you should have many more followers than you started with this morning.

Apps For Work That Will Boost Your Productivity

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Nowadays, businesses have more chances to make it in the industry with the advent of internet technology. And with the different social media management tools, interacting with the target market has become easier and more manageable.

By partnering with a London marketing agency in Cheshire, creating a custom-designed marketing campaign is possible. And with the increase of potential customers, there comes a need for increase in production. This is where mobile apps come to play. For . Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad check Vivid Digital.

By taking advantage of these apps to streamline customer service and operations, members of you team will become more efficient and productive. Just what are the available apps to enhance employee productivity?


For an employee to assess his or her performance and work on areas that need to be improved, it will help to get some feedback. However, in a busy organization, these instances will just happen during meetings or when a project is either a success or a failure.

With this app, the developers wanted to address this issue by coming with the Reflektive app where an employee can get feedback immediately through email using a pop-up tab. This way, there will be regular feedback among peers and managers without hampering workflow.


Now, companies, including player in the BPO industry can carry out their objectives and achieve their goals by way of this feedback app. Here, team leaders are not only able to give instant feedback, they are also able to create one-on-one meetings, check on an employee about a particular task and coach members of the team. For  Affordable SEO packages in London  visit Vivid SEO.

This way, employees will be able to address issues from their end with the team leader’s support. In the end, employee skills will improve and so will productivity.


For employees to do their work better and be productive, they should be focused on their tasks. This is what the developers of the app Engagedly had in mind. This app allows the team manager to keep track of employee performance, reward them for meeting their goals and monitor them if they are in alignment when it comes to their objectives.


What makes this app effective is its being able to track employee performance individually, making it easy for the manager to provide coaching and facilitate team improvement accordingly.

This app is not only for employees but for entrepreneurs and private individuals as well. This app is a great organizational tool and allows the user to work anywhere and is accessible from any location.

It can be used for presentations, documentations and reminders. With this app, employees can work remotely, making them productive even if they are travelling on a business trip or in their homes. This also gives them the chance to balance their career and family life. For more info on SEO Services check Industrynewswire

Using productivity apps that are easy to use and enhance user experience improve performance and collaboration within the organization.

By hiring experts in social media marketing in Chester and allowing your employees to create work/life balance and still be productive, you can look forward to a brighter future for your business.

4 Social Media Marketing Tools For Small Businesses


Attracting the attention of your social audience has become more and more difficult and, while larger businesses can continue to raise the amounts they invest in social media marketing, many small businesses cannot and that leaves them to find more innovative ways to capture a significant market share.

Those innovative ways include a variety of tools and resources that can impact your online marketing efforts and reach more potential customers on social media. For Affordable SEO packages in UK Check Vivid SEO.

Here are the top 4 social media and content marketing tools that we recommend every small business owner try.

1. Advanced Marketing Institute’s headline analyzer

A recent study conducted by The French National Institute and Columbia University found that 59% of the links on Twitter have never been clicked on. Twitter users share and retweet news without actually reading it based on the headline itself. This makes it more important than ever to have a good headline for your article.

If your headline stirs emotion in your audience, you’re more likely to get that click. The Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer will test your headline for Emotional Marketing Value ensuring your post receives more shares and retweets.

2. DrumUp – Fresh curated content

Creating new, quality content on a daily basis is difficult and sometimes near impossible. This is where curation plays an important role. Curating the information by hand could take days which is why DrumUp has created a content curation engine that sources fresh social media content giving you something new and interesting to post every day. To know more details on SEO Services visit Cssn

3. Piktochart – Data to infographics

Infographics are one of the best ways to convey information to a reader. Considering that most people reading an article online has an attention span of only 6 seconds, anything that will provide them with useful information quickly is sure to be effective. Creating infographics from scratch takes a long time which has made the need for an easier, more effective tool important.

This is where Piktochart comes in. With Piktochart, you can choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates, then insert your content into the one you choose to make your infographics.

4. Google Analytics – Traffic analytics

Another important tool that small business owners should be using is Google Analytics. The ability to analyze your social media efforts is important if your business is to succeed. Google Analytics is easy to use and can point out relevant insights which can play a crucial role in the decisions you make for your marketing campaign.

Fix Your Social Media Strategy By Taking It Back To Basics

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A quick Google search returns 140 million results for “social media marketing tips,” but no matter how many headlines promise it, there really is no one-size-fits-all social media strategy.

Some articles indicate that stories are an effective marketing and advertising tool while other articles advise using social media networks, such as Pinterest, Instagram and others. But what type of story will be effective and what will your brand post?

What effective social media marketers need is a process that leads to individual solutions. These solutions must work for their particular market niche and provide their company with the results they are looking for. For website design company  in Hyderabad visit Vivid Design Consultancy.

As the leading digital marketing agency Chester business owners trust most, we understand the needs of our clients and provide dedicated solutions to meet those needs. That is why we created this list of ways you can fix your social media strategy by taking it back to the basics.

Define the status quo.

Identify your business objectives and target market and consider your industry, the recent performance of the brand and the current traditional marketing promotions for your product and your competitors.

A startup or new product needs to generate awareness, while an older product may need to be revived. Use social media to crowdsource feedback and reengage customers. For Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad visit Vivid Digital

Listen to your target audience.

This is where social media becomes even more important for your business. Your brand can’t talk to everyone in every social channel, you need to narrowly define whom you want to listen to and communicate with.

Start with simple Google searches on your brand name, analytics tools within social networks, and look to secondary research, such as the Pew Research Internet Project, Nielsen, or Edison Research, to identify larger trends in social media use.

Gather a snapshot of all current social media talk with a social media audit. Follow an audit template to organize what you find and identify actionable insights.

Create social media content that drives engagement.

Now that you have found your target audience and listened to what they are saying, just what are they looking for? Social media is all about producing fresh, relevant content, so create things that your audience will find valuable, whether it is a “how to” article or something entertaining.

Where you deliver the content matters as well. Some social media channels, such as Twitter, are best for sharing short, current updates, others like YouTube are better for delivering video content.For more info on SEO Services check Tamc2011

Instagram is effective at reaching a younger audience with pictures, and Snapchat has even younger audiences and uses multimedia and high engagement rates.

The best social media plans deliver content that’s optimized to each channel. Engage the target audience on the channels they use with material that is unique to the channel.

Select social channels that fit brand message, type of content, and target audience. For more information about making your social media marketing more effective, contact Vivid SEO today.