How Does Google Remarketing Work?

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Buzzwords regularly pop up (excuse the pun) in marketing, and it’s often difficult to determine which ones deserve your attention. Remarketing is more than just a buzzword. It has revolutionised digital marketing.

So, it’s certainly something you should consider integrating into your marketing strategy.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting or behavioural remarketing, is a method of internet advertising whereby adverts are marketed or targeted to users based on previous online behaviour. For more information check Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad,

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing tags or marks online users by embedding a tracking code on the target web page to which you want users to return. The tracking code unobtrusively, and mostly invisibly, checks that a user has accessed the particular web page.

Once this is confirmed, a cookie is set in the user’s browser and an advertiser can now advertise to users elsewhere on the internet on various networks, such as Facebook and Google.

What types of remarketing exist?


Advertising to people who have previously visited your website.


Advertising to people who have visited a web page via clicking on a link that has been shared on an online channel.


Advertising to people who have read an email that you have sent them.

Custom event

Setting up an event, which tracks an action on a website, e.g. playing a video, adding a product to a cart and downloading a document.To know more details check SEO Services in London.

Why use remarketing?

Because people have already visited your web page or read your email, remarketing is an effective way to remind them of your brand, keep it top of mind and encourage them to engage with your brand again.

It is also a great way to encourage users who have “fallen off” a specific user journey to rejoin the user journey at the appropriate point.

For instance, an abandoned shopping cart or a registration process. If you are looking for ways to convert users into customers, remarketing is a great tool!

What is remarketing best practice?

If discretion is not exercised in a remarketing campaign, adverts can become annoying to those who are on the receiving end. With this in mind, it is important to stick to remarketing best practice:

Once users are converted, stop advertising to them

This obviously depends on the remarketing strategy and the goal you are trying to achieve (e.g. brand awareness vs performing a specific function).

Either way, don’t overdo it. Overdoing it isn’t a very effective use of your marketing budget and it can just as quickly convert people back to non-consumers if you annoy them too much.

Determine advertising frequency limits

Don’t bombard people with your advertising. We all know how irritating it is to frequently watch the same TV ad or listen to a repetitive radio ad, and this is no different.

You can set limits as to how many times people see your advertising per day, per week, etc. so it would be wise to make use of these boundaries.

Accurately target your remarketing campaigns

It is not always effective to target everyone who has ever visited your website. Build a custom audience and target within that group.

Try narrowing it down to specifics, like particular web pages visited or website actions. Remarketing can also be used in conjunction with more traditional digital targeting methods, such a user demographics, interests or geographic locations.For more details on SEO Services check Oksociety

So, create specific audiences and target specific ads to them. Ring-fence your remarketing efforts according to parameters that narrow your audience down to age, gender, interests, etc.

Protect people’s privacy

Bear in mind that networks don’t reveal an individual’s identity and they have minimum audience sizes, so you cannot infer who someone is.

This is to help protect people’s privacy and to prevent marketers from honing in on an individual.

Protecting people’s privacy should be as much the marketer’s goal as it is the networks’, so don’t try cut corners.

If you are trying to improve your return on investment by increasing your conversion rates then remarketing is your new best friend.

When it is done correctly, it can be an incredibly effective brand-building, user-converting tool. Are you keen to get a campaign going?

Trump Admin Considers No Extension To H1B Visas

H1B Visa

The Trump administration is considering a proposal that could potentially lead to large-scale deportation of foreigners on H-1B visas for high-speciality workers waiting for their Green Card — mostly Indians — and drastically alter the way high-tech companies operate in the United States.

The proposal circulated in the form of an internal memo in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees citizenship and immigration, intends to end the provision of granting extensions to H-1B visa holders whose applications for permanent residency (Green Card) had been accepted, is part of President Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” initiative.

An estimated 500,000 to 750,000 Indian H-1B visa holders could be sent home if the administration decides to go ahead with the proposal.For more details on h1b visa staffing agency check Orphosys Corp.

“If implemented this could lead to large-scale deportations, mostly of Indians, throwing hundreds and thousands of families into crisis,” said an official of Immigration Voice, an advocacy body in San Jose. Immigration Voice is planning to mount a challenge through outreach and sue when a decision is announced, he added.

“The idea is to create a sort of ‘self-deportation’ of hundreds of thousands of Indian tech workers in the United States to open up those jobs for Americans,” a US source briefed by homeland security officials told McClatchy DC Bureau, which first reported the proposal.

A response to Hindustan Times requests to both DHS and the US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) was awaited, but the existence of the memo was confirmed by sources in the US and Indian governments, industry and those that are likely to face action under the new rules.

You can check out:

H1B reform bill 2017 passed by the US to increase the minimum salary of H1B visas

H1B visa Restrictions. H1B Limitations An H-1B visa is granted for three years, with the provision of three more with one extension after which visa holder’s return to their countries. If approved for Green Card, they wait in the US using extensions.

For Indians, that wait could stretch for years given the massive backlog caused by the system of per-country annual cap on the number of permanent residencies.

The proposal is based on the power of discretion given to USCIS officials to decide on extensions to be given to H-1B holders waiting for Green Card.

They could choose to extend from one to three years, and often chose the maximum of three, and granted some visa holders as many extensions as needed.

“If it has been left to their discretion,” said a lobbyist. “They can theoretically decide not to grant any extension at all.”

The Indian government is watching the development with mounting alarm as it had the administration’s previously announced plans and decisions to tighten H-1B rules and regulations with the objective of preventing its abuse to replace American workers with lower-paid foreigners.

One of the plans in February 2017 was to roll back H-4 EAD — a regulation introduced by President Barack Obama to attract and retain highly skilled foreign workers by granting work authorization to spouses of H-1B visa holders awaiting Green cards. That will impact mostly Indians again.

The administration also plans to redefine high-speciality professionals for the purpose of H-1B visas. And there is a general review of the programme ordered by the President.To know more importance on h1b visa staffing & recruiting agency visit Kmindia

The United States grants 85,000 non-immigrant H-1B visa every year — 65,000 to foreigners hired abroad and 20,000 to foreigners enrolled in advanced degree courses in US schools and colleges.

An estimated 70% of these visas go to Indians — hired mostly by American companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google and some by American arms of Indian tech giants Infosys, Wipro and TCS.

The US companies, which are large employers of foreign workers but escape the scrutiny facing Indian firms, will be hit the hardest as they are more likely to apply for Green Cards for their H-1B workers than their Indian counterparts, who tend to rotate their workers home at the end of the stipulated period.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Facelift First Drive Review


Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Overview

Introduced in 1985, Gypsy has a sturdy suspension system and a standard 4×4 drivetrain backing its off-roading capabilities. Built for the tough terrains, Gypsy is a preferred choice when it comes to rally and off-roading. The prowess derives power from a 1298cc engine linked to a manual unit that sends drive to a 4×4 system channelizing power to all four wheels.

Available at a price point of Rs 5.71 lakh to Rs 6.37 lakh, Maruti Gypsy line-up comprises three variants including soft top, hard top and ambulance variants. The off-roader gets a great suspension set up along with a standard 4×4 drivetrain that backs its driving ability on rough terrains. Mated to a five-speed manual unit, Gypsy draws power from a 1.3 litre, four cylinder engine developing decent power and torque output.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Design

The exteriors of Gypsy are simple yet powerful, which behold the traditional appeal of an SUV. It is a box-like structure that is fitted with driver’s side rear-view mirror, a spare wheel cover, front footstep assembly and a foldable front windscreen on the exterior.The aggressive yet impressive fascia adds more expression to the appeal. Apart from the standard features, there are certain distinctive characteristics in three different variants of the Gypsy.Check for Maruti Suzuki Gypsy price in Mumbai at Traldrive.

The Hard Top version of the car features fabric upholstery and a fibre-reinforced plastic top, while the Soft Top version has a foldable windscreen and a removable canvas top. The Ambulance version of the car is not for public use and is widely used in hospitals.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Cabin

The interior of Maruti Suzuki Gypsy does not have much of amenities and is very basic but still enough to make off-road driving an enjoyable experience. The standard features include reclining and sliding front seats, fabric upholstery in the hard top, adjustable head restraints, a front package tray, a lockable glove compartment, floor carpet, steering lock and an inside rear view mirror.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Gearbox

Under the hood, Gypsy is equipped with a 1.3-litre petrol engine that churns out 80 bhp of power output. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox that ensures better highway mileage and allows high cruising speeds. The lighter engine results in a better power-to-weight ratio, which, in turn, ensures better control, more power and greater responsiveness.To know more info on Maruti Suzuki Gypsy visit Origo2000

It offers high cruising speeds and ensures better highway mileage. Furthermore, front and rear leaf spring suspension with double action damper helps improve handling and traction.Gypsy is not known to be a fuel efficient car. It returns a mileage of 11 kmpl under normal driving conditions as against the company claim of 11.9 kmpl.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Driving

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is a perfect car on any terrain under any weather condition. When driving on the hills, higher ground clearance ensures better off-road capability and the diaphragm spring clutch helps reduce wearing off of parts. When driving in snowy conditions, the high thermal conductivity of the engine ensures that it is effectively ignited even in the midst of snow.

Moreover, the lighter weight of engine enhances power output, traction and responsiveness. High thermal conductivity of the engine ensures that there is no overheating and the car drives smoothly even in the hot deserted areas. Gypsy also has a higher power-to-weight ratio that ensures faster and safer acceleration through streams and muddy terrain. The gypsy is a lighter vehicle weighing at 1020 kg (hard top) and 985 kg (soft top). Gypsy also has higher ground clearance of 210 mm to ensure better off-road handling.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Safety

One key disadvantage of the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is that it lacks important safety features, like airbags, anti-lock braking system, traction control and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. Even then it boasts of being a safe and reliable SUV with a four-wheel-drive, which is fun to drive on all journeys.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Price in Mumbai

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy On Road Price is 6,71,944/- and Ex-showroom Price is 5,86,167/- in Mumbai. Maruti Suzuki Gypsy comes in 4 colours, namely Silky Silver,Dolphin Blue,Ruby Red,Superior White. Maruti Suzuki Gypsy comes with FWD with 1298 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 80 bhp@6000 rpm and Peak Torque 103 Nm@4500 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Maruti Suzuki Gypsy comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Round Up

When it was launched in 1985, Gypsy was one of its kind. It enjoyed the numero uno position for a very long period. Although it remains a good off-roading option, it no longer remains the preferred choice of the adventure-loving drivers. A diesel option may still work in its favour. Further, the limited number of vehicles available for civilians also goes against the popular car. The lack of safety features as compared to new SUVs, which come loaded with such features and more, goes against the ageing vehicle.

Online Store Changes To Make Before Black Friday

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We’ve got your servers prepared for Black Friday, and now we’re going to highlight some online store changes you need to make before Black Friday.

We’re not only making sure your website doesn’t crash during the mad rush, but we’re also going to ensure your business doesn’t crash either.

Online store changes to make before Black Friday

1. Prep your website

To help your servers out, you really want to make sure your website is optimised to handle the amount of visitors that will hopefully flood your website on the day.For Digital Marketing Company in London visit Vivid SEO.

Here’s a very short checklist of things that will help you (and your visitors) straight away:

A. Optimise your images –

Nothing frustrates a user more than having to load a 4MB image because you think it makes your website look pretty. Nothing clogs up server connections like 1000 users trying to load 2-3 4MB images on each page.

There are a couple of free online tools that allow you to make images smaller, and even plugins for popular CMSs like WordPress that do it for you.

B. Cache your website –

Dynamic pages require server processing, which is the main cause of server outages when they’re under load.

Caching as many pages as possible frees up the server to only have to worry about the pages that need to process data like cart, account and checkout pages. Of course, you are still able to cache these pages using Javascript and various REST APIs.

C. Start small, scale up –

It might be tempting to throw in an array of features on product pages like upsell products, cross-sell products, related products, other people purchased these products, etc.

However, I’d err on the side of making sure you sell the product before trying to upsell every other product. Unless, of course, you know your servers can handle being able to dynamically present that (when it’s uncached).

2. Open your support channels

People might rush around like crazy for the best deal, but it doesn’t lower their expectation of great service and a great product.For SEO Company Check Vivid Digital.

Making sure you open up the correct support channels will keep your users happy and the perception of your business positive. Here are a couple of support channels for you to consider:

A. Phone lines –

This is the first active channel that I’d suggest. If you have the staffing, having a number people can call is by far the most reassuring. Speaking to a real human with a human concern is really comforting.

Be warned, you want to have dedicated people to this. You don’t want people to not be able to get hold of you and you don’t want your core staff being distracted by calls.

B. Live chat –

This is the other active channel and it could be a good one. It has the benefit of knowing what the customer is looking at and a lot of people prefer the fact that they can send a message and carry on with what they are doing.

That doesn’t mean they don’t expect a prompt response and the availability of live chat if it’s shown to them.

C. Email/ticketed support –

This allows for the ability to scale as automated responses can set expectations. You can respond when appropriate and when you have enough information – just make sure you respond.

D. Social media –

If you’re going to use social media as a support channel, make sure you’re on the ball. Respond openly to complaints as much as you would with compliments.To know more information on SEO Services check Oksociety

Like email support, this allows you to respond when you’re ready to, but, once again, don’t leave it too late.

3. Get your business ready

A. Is/are your payment gateway(s) ready?

Make sure you have set up a payment gateway long before Black Friday and tested it out. If it breaks on the day this will kill sales for your business.

B. Are you ready to ship?

Getting orders on Black Friday is great, but if you’re only going to deliver a month later you might find a lot of people requesting refunds. Set expectations of when delivery will be made and stick to it.

C. Are you legally ready?

Make sure your website clearly defines delivery policies, return policies and terms and conditions. This protects you from things like fraud.

Getting a lawyer to write these documents might be expensive, but it’s worth it (especially when one case alone could cost you more than the document itself).

These are just a couple of quick online store changes you need to make before Black Friday arrives. They’re a good foundation to make sure you impress and keep customers.

Do you own an online store? What online store changes are you going to make ahead of Black Friday? What are you doing in preparation for the big day? Have you already started?

USCIS Forced To Release Data On H-1B Delaying & Denials Tactics

H1B visa

Since 2017, USCIS under the Trump Administration has essentially directed its adjudicators to find ways to deny H-1B petitions.

The most recent statistics on Requests for Evidence (RFEs) and denials certainly support this, but evidence has been made available for analysis.

Through a FOIA request, instructional documents for USCIS adjudicators issued after President Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order (BAHA) provide guidance on denying benefits to foreign nationals and the companies that want to hire them.

BAHA has become the new “catch-all” for enacting immigration policies without legislative or public comment or support. This “non-transparent” process has been partially revealed.To know more details on h1b visa jibs check Orphosys Corp.

Denials of H-1B petitions used to be rare occurrences. In 2015, the denial rate was 6% — now, it is 32%. RFEs were hardly an everyday occurrence – now, 60% of H-1B petitions receive RFEs.

Two USCIS memos issued in 2017 and 2018 have boosted the RFE and denial rates and particularly affect computer programmers and IT professionals working at third-party locations.

In one released document, adjudicators are given close to 100 pages with step-by-step boilerplate for issuing RFEs — but the Administration’s discussion of the statutory support for these RFEs is redacted, perhaps because the new “rules” are not supported by the law.

In another, USCIS makes clear that adjudicators should not defer to prior approvals and should remember the petitioners bear the burden of proof. The documents show that:

A. Adjudicators are directed to particularly analyze whether Level I and Level II wages are appropriate and issue RFEs asking for further information to justify the wage level.For more information on h1b visa employment agency visit Scriptcafe

B. USCIS instructs its adjudicators that even when a bachelor’s degree would appear to be the “normal” requirement for a position, if the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) indicates that some individuals in the position might have only an Associate’s degree, the position may not be a specialty occupation.

The petition should receive an RFE and the petitioner must supply more information to prove that a bachelor’s degree in a specific field is definitively required.

C. Most important, this instruction about the OOH is meant to apply to all kinds of positions — not just those that are computer-related. This explains why so many RFEs are challenging whether a job is indeed a specialty occupation.

Not only are these new “rules” leading to denials and more work for petitioners, they are creating more work for the USCIS and adding to crisis-level processing delays. USCIS used to think of itself as a “service oriented” organization, but now its mission focuses on enforcement and security.

Hyundai Creta Performance & First Drive


Hyundai Creta Overview

Sport Utility Vehicles or SUVs remain the flavour of the season and the Hyundai Creta has led that charge for its maker, very effectively. Hyundai India has been on a roll, since 2017, as we got the new generation Verna and there have been massive updates, to the Grand i10, Xcent and very recently to the i20. Of course, the Creta SUV was the next in line and finally, the 2018 Creta Facelift has arrived in India. And we got our hands on the New Hyundai Creta and got to spend some quality time behind the wheel.

We must say, Hyundai has worked really hard to upgrade the Creta to rival the likes of Jeep Compass, Tata Hexa and the two Renault’s- Captur and Duster in the market. Hyundai India heard the feedback of its audience and has given the 2018 Creta facelift some valuable changes visually. Both the exterior and the interior has received contemporary changes and once again, Hyundai India has done what it does the best. Set a trend with the 2018 Creta Facelift.

Hyundai Creta Design

The new 2018 Hyundai Creta will remind of your high-school batchmate who always had good height and a healthy body and all of sudden went to the gym and completely transformed his body and added more muscle to enhance his macho looks. It’s the face of the new Hyundai Creta that gets most changes and the chrome on the front grille has now disappeared. It has now replaced by the Hyundai’s signature cascade grille that makes the Creta more aligned to its family design. The front grille along with more muscle on the front bumper makes the new Hyundai Creta look very aggressive and the fog lamp unit on the top-variants also gets a new housing. In addition, the headlamp cluster now gets bi-focal projector headlamps with DRLs that add to the already premium-looking design.

The other big highlight on the new Hyundai Creta is the dual-tone colour scheme on the A-pillar finished in gloss black. This is a major differentiator over the previous Hyundai Creta and is certainly going to appeal a lot of buyers. Overall, the dimensions of 2018 Hyundai Creta remains unchanged but the front and rear bumpers get grey skid plates that add a bit of ruggedness to the character of the Creta. The rear of the Hyundai Creta remains unchanged and continues to get split tail lamps. The new 17-inch diamond cut alloys are also new and make the Creta SUV look more sporty. However, these 17-inch wheels are available only on the top variants. The lower variants continue to get 16-inch alloy wheels.

Remember this is a mid-life facelift of Hyundai Creta and not a full model change and hence the platform remains the same as the original Creta. Expect the full model change on Hyundai Creta only in 2020 that will also be BS-VI fuel compliant.

Hyundai Creta Cabin

The Creta’s cabin is a reflection of Hyundai’s improved build quality over the last few years. The quality of materials used and that of the knobs and fixtures are excellent. There is a general air of familiarity inside the cabin due to the number of shared parts. The steering wheel seems very much like the i20’s. The simple steering mounted controls should be adequate for most driver needs. The dashboard itself is not exactly plush, but is premium enough to satisfy most buyers in this segment.

The centre stack is topped by a thin info-display that is shaded by a brow-like extension of the dashboard. The airconditioner vents feature a new shape and there is automatic climate control available for the top-end variants. The 2-DIN infotainment display features controls along its sides. The interior colour theme is dark grey and beige. The interior space of the Creta is good overall with rear seat legroom being particularly impressive. Rear airconditioner vents are standard. The boot space could be above 400 litres; offical figures are still awaited.For more information on Hyundai Creta check Stsoft

Hyundai Creta Performance

The engines too are same. There are the 1.6-litre petrol, 1.4 litre diesel and the 1.6 litre diesel on offer. We’re driving the 1.6-litre diesel and though the folks at Hyundai say that they’ve tweaked the car a bit, for a sporty ride; well frankly, there’s a minimal difference, if it exists. It’s a powerful engine though and churns out 126 brake horse power and the torque of 260 Nm is available, from 1500 rpm, which has always deserved a big thumbs up. Power delivery is linear till the turbo kicks in and then you really feel the surge in power.

The clutch is light too but the long travel means that you will regret driving in traffic conditions. But the strong mid-range of the engine makes all the difference on the highway and we’re certain that given some more time behind the wheel of this one, we’ll have a better perspective of things. There’s no difference in the way it rides; as it easily soaks in any of the bumps, on the road. Hyundai also mentions that the fuel economy figures, on the petrol, have gone up, by 3 per cent and 4 per cent, on the diesel.

Hyundai Creta Riding

The ride quality in the Creta is quite sorted. The suspension seems to have been tuned to be very similar to the set up in the i20. Neither too rigid nor too pliant, the vehicle is composed over rough patches. Body roll is not too bothersome, though there is a bit of it evident when you put the car through tight corners. The NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) level has, however, been well contained with a number of additions such as the thicker dashboard panels, anti-vibration pads on the floor panel and optimised rigidity for the central floor tunnel. Steering feel is decent, though it not as precise as cars in the higher segment.

Hyundai Creta Safety

On the safety front, dual airbags, with ABS and EBD are offered right from the base variants and the SX trim that we tested gets 6 airbags, hill-assist control, rear parking sensors with camera and traction control. There is also the option to disable traction control using a button below the steering. The brightness of the instrument cluster can also be adjusted as per drivers requirement and is independent of headlamps.

Hyundai Creta Price in Pune

Hyundai Creta On Road Price is 11,30,492/- and Ex-showroom Price is 9,50,008/- in Pune. Hyundai Creta comes in 8 colours, namely Red Passion,Mystic Blue,Phantom Black,Polar White Dual Tone,Sleek Silver,Polar White,Stardust,Red passion Dual Tone. Hyundai Creta comes with FWD with 1591 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 121 bhp@6400 rpm and Peak Torque 151 Nm@4850 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Hyundai Creta comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Hyundai Creta Bottomline

The Creta has been much awaited and certainly looks like it has the wares for it to become the preferred compact SUV in the market. There is also likely to be the typical Hyundai delivery of better value. Depending on the variant, features such as leather seats, shark fin antenna, 17-inch alloys, reverse parking camera, push button start, and electrically folding mirrors are available. Increased safety features in the options package includes six airbags (side and curtain airbags).Hyundai is planning four trim options, some of them sport fewer features. So, it does look like the spread of prices will also be quite wide.

The Importance Of Web Push Notifications In SEO

 Vivid Digital

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important methods in making sure your audience sees your messages by helping to increase your rank. An increased rank means more people are likely to see your website come up in relevant search results.

But even after a visitor does find your site due to your ranking, it’s no guarantee they will return again to look at new content. It doesn’t even have to be because they don’t like you. They could just forget. With so much information out there, it’s easy to forget just where that one site was. And who has time to sort through bookmarks anymore?

What if there was a tool that could help with both helping people find your site while also telling returning visitors that there is new content for them to explore? There is! It’s called web push notifications.For more information check SEO Agency in Hyderabad.

Here’s the good news: push notifications can positively impact SEO.

What are push notifications?

Web push notifications (WPNs) are marketing messages that automatically pop out on a user’s browser, and can be accessed on either a desktop or mobile device.

Of course, push notifications don’t come out from anywhere. The website has to be permitted by the user the first time he visits it.

How does the push notifications relate to SEO?

Currently, Google ranks websites based on contents and responsiveness. But the influx of mobile applications has made the process more complex.

Since more and more people are using their smartphones to shop or find local businesses, a lot of companies have focused all their efforts on mobile marketing and totally forgot about improving their websites.

The introduction of push notifications by Google Chrome signified the importance of websites amidst the popularity of mobile applications.

With web push notifications, brands can send messages, updates, and contents that their customers will be interested to know – such as special offers, promos, product launches, news, articles, etc.

WPNs work whether the user is accessing the internet on their desktop computer or mobile device.Integrating web push notifications in your marketing can do great wonders in your SEO.In what ways?

WPNs help convert visitors into subscribers.

Maybe a user came across your website by accident and enjoyed your contents. With a push notification service, you can turn that one-time visitor into an avid subscriber.

Whether they forgot about your website or got too busy that they don’t get to check out your website again, web push notifications let you promote contents even if users are not on your website.To know more info check SEO Services in London.

WPNs are similar to marketing emails in the sense that they allow brands to obtain subscribers. However, with WPNs, there’s no need to get their email addresses and other contact information.

WPNs can increase your website traffic.

When implemented properly, push notifications can greatly drive more traffic into your website. Bloggers report a 10%-15% increase in traffic with WPNs. Since these notifications are delivered straight to the user’s device, the clickthrough rate is far higher than email (2X to 10X). WPNs are considered the largest contributor to online traffic.

Of course, certain strategies have to be done to maximize the impact of push notifications on your website ranking.

These include:

Making the message short, direct, and interesting.

Segmenting your subscribers based on their locations and the time they are active.

Sending personalized notifications.

Not sending too many notifications to avoid looking like spam.

Sending notifications about varying contents to keep users engaged.

Creating urgency in the notification to highlight a call to action.

Push notifications can boost engagement among customers.

If you want to convert visitors into customers, there’s one thing you need to focus on: user engagement.

When it comes to engaging users and previous customers, there are two online strategies commonly used by marketers: gather email subscribers and retarget users on various search and social platforms.

Web push notifications are a new approach to driving customer engagement. Having a higher efficiency than email and far cheaper than retargeting, it makes sense to incorporate notification service in your overall marketing strategy.To know more details on SEO Services visit Industrynewswire

There are many ways to use WPNs in engaging customers. Among which are the use of breaking news alerts or notifications when you publish a new article. You can also use it to offer free contents to your subscribers, such as eBooks, guides, and relevant information that they will find useful.

How to Implement Push Notification in Your SEO Strategy

Push messaging certainly has a lot of benefits to your SEO strategy. But how do you optimize this tool to boost your ranking?

Convey a clear message.

Your subscribers have busy schedules. They don’t have time for vague messages. Push notifications should be concise and clear enough for them to understand your message and take action.

Different browsers have different character limits, usually ranging from 40-120. You want your message to be brief, clear, yet catchy.

Use social proof.

Give your subscribers a concrete reason to check out your message. For example, if your post has thousands of shares already, tell your subscribers about it so they will be encouraged to check out the post.

Just be true to your claim and make sure that you only give them honest information.

Time your notifications.

Aside from aligning your messages to your subscribers’ time zones, you should also learn about the best times to send particular types of messages and how frequent to send them to drive engagement.

Most companies that use WPN schedule their messages in days and times that their target audience is likely to see them, using an all-in-one marketing platform.

Web push notifications have become a major component of SEO. When done right, they can help increase your website ranking and customer acquisition.

Why Digital Marketing Agency Is Needed By Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Marketing

Realty DS

Digital marketing has been on a rise for the past few years and it is expected to grow further because of globalization. Most of the companies in the world are adopting digital marketing and have been implementing its strategies into their business to grow their business and stand out from the crowed. Some companies have in house marketing teams while the others are shifting to hire agencies for themselves.

Here are 10 reasons as to why companies should hire digital media agencies.

Digital Advertisement:

The internet marketing is the sum of multiple techniques, advertisement methods, strategies and valuable campaigns that can promote a business faster than imagination. Usually, if you use the digital and social media marketing services in real estate business, then you will have more opportunities to grow fast and achieve your goals easily.

However, there are many issues and challenges for properties companies and investors when they use digital advertisement services. Real estate companies and professionals use digital advertisement for particular objectives. Some of these motives are given below with detail.

Broader Scope & Expected Outcomes:

The scope of the internet marketing is broader, wider and more brilliant with compared to a formal advertisement. Usually, every business requires the audience that is the primary objective of every employer and company. Definitely, the marketing is the only way to drive consistent traffic of customers towards a specific platform. Nowadays, the digital marketers are using a variety of advertisement techniques, methods and result-guaranteed tactics that are sufficient to achieve desired goals.

Usually, it has become easier for digital advertising agencies to run marketing campaigns for the properties business on leading social media websites and other highly visited platforms. SEO services, PPC, PPP, affiliate marketing, B2B & B2C advertisement campaigns and Google Adsense are major publicity techniques widely used in real estate industry throughout the world.

Affordable for Real Estate Companies:

properties professionals and big companies use digital advertising services to make their business greatly famous and familiar among the customers. Actually, this marketing method is also a cheaper one with compared to casual and traditional publicity method.

It is completely effective, useful and affordable for the investors and professional in this fast-growing industry. Further, now there are a number of well-known, certified, professionally trained, highly practiced and widely experienced digital advertisement companies that offer you the best and most effective marketing services at record lower rates.

100% Result-Guaranteed Services:

Every professional in properties business aims three primary goals when he is about to hire a digital marketer. First, he seeks for the regular and more customers for selling and buying the property. Secondly, these professionals aim to expand their business throughout the state as well as the country.To know more details on Real Estate Online Marketing Agency check Controlenter

Thirdly, marketing helps the investors in properties industry to earn fame along with huge revenue. If you hire the best and most experienced digital advertising agency for real estate marketing, then it will help you in achieving your goals easily and successfully.

Right Method at the Best Platform:

Digital Marketing is one of the excellent and highly proficient advertisement techniques and tools that are enough potent and useful to improve the visibility of a business. If you use this marketing technology in real estate business, then the chances of your business growth will be almost several times better and more than other tactics.

That is why; this marketing methodology is becoming more popular, useful and effective for properties business throughout the world. It also provides the best platforms and most reliable advertisement strategies to grow your sales and expand the business fast.

Comprehensive Representation:

The internet is the central hub for marketing where you can target billions of the customers throughout the world. Now, globalization has changed the ways of trading and every business.

You can buy and sell the property anywhere throughout the world. It is fine for you to use digital marketing to make your real estate business common and famous among the customers in your state or country. This marketing provides your business the best platform and represents it in a professional and comprehensive style.

Inspiring Style and Strategies:

Marketing strategies are many in numbers and the marketers pick and apply different techniques and methods to advertise a properties company according to the needs, goals and situations.

In fact, this marketing method has become a stylish, inspiring and more productive for real estate industry. That is why; the most professionals in this industry always prefer digital and internet marketing as well.

Affordable with High Performance:

It is one of the most attractive, effective and beneficial offers to get the best performance, guaranteed results and fast growth of landed property business at affordable prices.

If you choose digital advertisement method, then it will be economical, but faster than all other marketing strategies in the world. You can also use the social media websites to support your digital publicity campaigns that can maximize expected outcomes.

Multi-Ends Marketing:

Every digital marketing agency aims different important goals in every type of business. In general, these marketing professionals use a specific pattern for assessment, planning, implementation and efficiency measurement in all marketing campaigns.

Anyways, it is better to use a number of platforms and marketing tools rather than depending on a traditional method. The most digital marketers prefer to use the social media platforms along with other networks to run and manage their advertisement campaigns.

Lasting Effects and Benefits:

Of course, there are endless features, lasting effects and unlimited advantages of digital marketing strategies on real estate business. You can enjoy regular and huge profit through these latest and wonderful marketing methods that support your business and grow it faster than your expectations.

Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Review & Test Drive


Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Overview

The stylish C-class-based Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV was launched last year and we loved the car when we drove it. It was high time that Mercedes-Benz had a competitor in that segment which till date was only captured by the likes of the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. It was in August last year, that we first got a chance to see and drive the GLC Coupe SUV and that one caught our attention. In fact, we were told by the folks at Mercedes-Benz that the GLC Coupe will come to India with one more variant. Sadly though we only get the AMG and even though I began this sentence with ‘sadly’, I am not the one to complain.

The GLC 43 Coupe is the third AMG model to be launched in India this year and the fourth to be added to the 43 series AMG line-up. First unveiled in 2015, the GLC Coupe is distinctively different than the SUV. It’s sportier, yes, but one look at it and you’ll know the obvious reason. The signature coupe-rear, makes it stand out amongst the rest but if you aren’t one who can stand that design, well you can’t do much about it; the coupe SUV is here to stay. Check for Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe price in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Exteriors

In typical Mercedes-AMG fashion, the GLC43 Coupe is still quite similar to its non-AMG counterpart. But, it does get the standard AMG treatment which does help it to stand out a bit. I feel like normally we see a slightly different fascia on AMG models, but with the GLC43, that isn’t exactly the case. The fascia is the same, but the trim has changed a bit. The corner vents still feature the same black mesh, but now have a pair of horizontal slats running across the inside. That weird silver trim that surrounds the air dam on the non-AMG version is gone and the air dam now has a single horizontal slat positioned about an inch from the bottom of the fascia. A new trim element now runs across the entire width of the fascia on the bottom. It still features those square cutouts below the air damn, but they are outlined in that silver trim. The edge of that trim element is finished in chrome. The headlights and hood are the same, but the radiator grille now has the typical AMG diamond look.

Moving over to the sides, there really isn’t any major changes to the GLC43. Compared to its non-AMG counterpart, the only real difference is the chrome trim that has been added to the side skirt which lines up with the chrome strip on the fascia up front. The big news here is that new set of high-sheen, 20-inch AMG wheels finished in high-gloss black. These light allow wheels feature a staggered fitment and are wrapped with 255/45-series tires up front and 285/40-series tires out back. There are other wheels available as optional equipment with the maximum size reaching as much as 21-inches. On a side note, the wheels shown in the images here are way more stylish that the stock wheels on the standard GLC Coupe.

Around back, Mercedes claims the GLC 43 has an AMG-specific rear bumper. What they really mean is that the rear fascia has been fitted with a chrome trim insert below the license plate recess. There are also chrome exhaust tips that sit flush with the rear bumper. Like most AMG models, these chrome tips are divided in the middle by a vertical louver to give a dual-outlet look on each corner. And there you have it. There’s not really a whole lot of difference outside, but it’s enough to separate the boys from the men as some say.

Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Interiors

Typically Mercedes and finished off to a high order, it gets all the familiar bits like the seat-shaped electric seat controls, the rounded steering boss and the controller dial semi-encased by the trackpad. Sadly, there’s the stuck-on display screen which seems like an afterthought, and the steering stalk gear selector, both of which I am no fan of. Being an AMG, it means you also get sporty black interiors with red stitching and red seat belts. There is also a flat-bottomed steering wheel with paddle shifters, and black and grey chequered patterned dials.

Comfort-wise, the front seats are great but quite large for my thin frame. This meant that the side bolstering couldn’t hold me as snugly as I would have liked in the fast twisty bits. With the sloping roofline, space at the back isn’t exactly great but headroom is sufficient; my 5ft 8in frame had about a three finger gap to the roof that is scooped out for the outer two passengers. Width and legroom leave you with nothing to complain about, but the narrow rear windows do make you feel cooped up.

Another area that the sloping roof line eats into is boot space and what worsens this is that the space saver spare sits on the high floor making it a choice between weekend bags or wheel. Oddly though, there is quite a large under-floor storage, but in the form of divided sections that sadly won’t take the spare wheel or a large suitcase.

Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Engine

Under the hood, you’ll find an “AMG-enhanced,” 3.0-liter V-6 that delivers 364 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque. Boost pressure for the Biturbo system has been increased to 16 psi and, as usual with AMG engines, the cylinder liners are coated with NANOSLIDE. Fuel pressure on this model is wild at 2,900 psi. The engine features a red aluminum insert on the engine and the AMG Logo. Shifting duties are handled by an “AMG-enhanced” 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission. According to Mercedes, the transmission has been configured with dedicated software to reduce shift times, provide multiple downshifts for quick bursts of speed, and to provide a double-clutching feature for more emotional and quick gear changes in certain transmission modes.To know more information on Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe visit Bioinformatica

Supporting the body on this funky little AMG is an AMG Sport Suspension based on air body control. Up front, the car gets special steering knuckles with load-bearing joints. Out back, there is a multi-link system that is said to, in combination with the negative camber up front, provide enhanced lateral dynamics. The system is of the multi-chamber type and features continuously variable damping and lightweight springs. With a fording depth of 11.8 inches, an approach angle of 21.2 degrees, and a departure angle of 21.8 degrees, AMG wants you to know that this “coupe” has strong off-road capabilities. It’s also able to tow, with a braked towing capacity of up to 3,501 pounds when properly equipped.

This vehicle comes standard with the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system that has a rear-biased torque distribution. Basically, 31 percent of torque is delivered to the front wheels while 69 percent goes to the rear. More importantly, the car comes with selectable transmission modes. There is Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual; the latter of which is driver adjustable and can be dialed in just the way you like it. There’s also an “M” button that enables a manual-shifting mode. In this mode, the transmission is controlled by the steering-wheel-mounted shift controls.

Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Riding

All four wheels are driven and the Coupe 43 gets an AMG-specific power distribution that puts a larger percentage of power towards the rear but the car does tend to lean towards understeer when pushed. The steering has a nice and weighted feel but even in Comfort mode some would find it on the heavier side for simply meandering about traffic. It’s also over-assisted at times.

The GLC SUV has a well-rounded suspension and even the steel-sprung regular coupé that I sampled in Italy had a nice balance of ride comfort and sporty handling. However, this being an AMG, it’s set up a bit firmer. It does get air springs all round but the ride is on the harder side and rough surfaces feel loud and rumbly. The upside to this is a very stable body, there is no getting away from the mass, but it rolls far less than you would expect of an SUV this large and heavy. The air springs also allow you to raise the ride height of the body should you need the extra clearance.

Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Safety

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 43 Coupe braking system feature ventilated disc brakes with AMG calipers, antilock brake system with electronic brake force distribution, and brake assist system. The strong build quality of the body designed to withstand high collision impacts and the surround protection of the occupants are assured with seven airbags including front, front side and curtain airbags, and the knee airbags for the driver. The active parking assist system with Parktronic technology and 360-degree camera with audio and visual display function assist for safe parking of a vehicle and the adaptive brake lights get the spontaneous attention of the following vehicles for keeping a safe distance during high-speed driving.

Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Cost in Hyderabad

Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43 Coupe On Road Price is 92,56,659/- and Ex-showroom Price is 77,40,438/- in Hyderabad. Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43 Coupe comes in 1 colours, namely . Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43 Coupe comes with AWD with 2996 CC Displacement and 6 Cylinders with Maximum Power 362 bhp@5500-6000 rpm and Peak Torque 520 Nm@2500-4500 rpm DRIVE TRAIN AWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 4.9 seconds . Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43 Coupe comes with Automatic Transmission with AWD .

Mercedes Benz Amg Glc 43 Coupe Conclusion

Overall the GLC 43 Coupe provides the fun and ride of a sports coupe with some of the practicality and looks of an SUV. It looks and handles a lot better than most other sporty SUVs like the Audi SQ5. At the same time the practicality is a bit limited due to the dropping roof line both in terms of rear passenger space as well as driver visibility.The Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe is a very good looking sporty cross over between a SUV and a Coupe. It handles way better than you would expect and it clearly has a lot of AMG DNA. The V6 provides a solid sound track and a lot of fun on some of the empty mountain roads we drove. On the downside it is a bit thirsty and the coupe design provides some drawbacks in terms of visibility and available space.



7 Useful Tools For The Content Marketers

 SEO Agency

Content marketing refers to the design of a series of content (it could be movies, games, articles, etc.), attracting potential consumers to watch , reading or interacting, to achieve awareness, or to educate consumers, and finally influence their purchase decision. Getemail has listed 7 tools that are useful for the content marketers, each tool is accord with your different needs.


None of us are perfect in terms of writing but that is exactly what readers expect us to be. The good news is you can envision a more perfect version of your written content with Grammarly which comes in both free and paid versions with different set of possibilities..

Grammarly can serve as a potent proofreading tool in the arsenal of all wannabe writers by detecting spelling and punctuation mistakes apart from suggesting better word placements. Its paid version can also run a plagiarism check on your content apart from providing you with a readability score and insights on sentence length.For ore info check SEO Company in London


Stay a step ahead of your peers by gaining thorough knowledge about industry trends with this stellar content marketing tool. All you need to do is simply enter a particular domain name to analyse the type of content which garners maximum engagement amongst users. You can easily make out the trendiest topics pertaining to a particular industry for gauging out the ones you need to write your blog on.

It also becomes very easy to find out the best influencers so that you can ask them to market your content. You can run analysis reports to find out the type of content which is mostly shared across different social media platforms. BuzzSumo also sends alerts to its users whenever a competitor website posts new content so that you can buckle up in the game. You can even compare your own performance with that of a competitor to find out where you stand in terms of both quality as well as engagement.

Google Alerts

This free of cost notification service powered by Google can help content marketers in keeping a track of topics which holds special significance to their area of operation. Emails are sent to its subscribers for summarizing search activities surrounding particular search terms.

Retailers can benefit out of greater information about their concerned product and business by just setting up an alert for a particular keyword. It also helps by keeping a track over different influencers as well as competitors so that you can be well abreast of the upcoming trends in your particular field.For Best web design company in New York check RavisNY.


There is no point in coming up with killer content if you cannot devise a strategy for promoting and distributing the same. This is exactly where Outbrain can come to your rescue with a proper plan to connect with the audience and promote your products to garner maximum engagement. Marketers can benefit out of personalized recommendations from Outbrain which analyses different factors such as behaviour, demographics, location and interests of the audience to provide full proof results.

It serves as the ideal platform for linking both marketers and publishers while carefully monitoring content quality and reducing the usage of different deceptive tactics. Content marketers can utilise the Outbrain platform to promote a plethora of contents ranging from infographics to blog posts, videos, presentations and a lot more.


Stay super organised while brainstorming for future content using Evernote which can help you store all your ideas for being readily accessed by your entire team. You can also share it with influencers maybe while collaborating on a particular project. Evernote serves as a great place to add in information and is available across all devices.

Be it your smartphone or your work computer, it becomes very easy to access all the information added to the Evernote portal in the form of web pages, images or PDF files. It also becomes possible to access Evernote in offline mode to search for images or text captured previously, sync notes across devices and add annotations to images.


If you are on the lookout for a tool which can help you out in the creation of visual content, then Piktochart can serve you pretty well. Be it reports, infographics or presentations, Pikochart can hike up your designing aptitude significantly so that you come up with excellent end results which are worth sharing. The first thing which is bound to stun you about this tool is its user-friendly and intuitive interface which can help you take your pick amongst the 100 different icons, themes, color schemes and graphics for infusing life into your boring old data set.To know more details on SEO Services check Spectralreview

All you need to do is simply drag and drop the text and visual elements to your canvas. Its free version has an upper limit on the usage of colors, fonts and icons which can be overcome by upgrading to the paid version. In the later one, you can either go ahead and create your very own infographic or take your pick amongst its pre-set templates.


This multi-faceted business dashboard can come to your rescue while dealing with the nitty gritties of email marketing, team management, event scheduling, financing, web analytics and a lot more. You can think of Cyfe as a middleman which establishes seamless connectivity with other tools such as Twitter, Google Analytics, Facebook etc. to strengthen your content marketing arsenal.

Be it creation, editing or organizing content as well as monitoring its performance on social media, you can do it all using Cyfe. The multi-user tool can be of great help in both adding new members to your team and tracking the development of ongoing projects you are associated with under one roof.

Summing Up

If you have a faulty content strategy, then these content marketing tools can lessen the damage impact by adding inertia to your work speed. So, go ahead and implement them today. Also, don’t forget to let us know about your experience in the comments sections below.